How important is Golf in getting ahead in the business world?

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Signilda asked:

I just read that some business school is requiring that its grad students learn golf since many business deals are made on the gofl course. Is this true? Does it just hold true for men? Is is a ‘boys club’ or are business women on the golf courses too?

golf help

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4 Responses to “How important is Golf in getting ahead in the business world?”

  1. GRASSY Says:

    Johnnie Carson one time asked Arnold Palmer if Arnie’s wife kissed his balls before he putts..

    Johnnie got sued and Arnie won.

    Golf is very important in business.

  2. Chris Says:

    golf help

    I don’t think Golf in and of itself is as important as the networking behind it. The advantage of Golf is that it is a activity that you can do while talking with the other players. It is essentially similar to taking client to dinner or to a sporting event. Networking works as well for women as men – if the client you are pursuing is a golfer – then it may benefit you to take them golfing. There may be some industries where golf is more prevalent than others, but the importance is to find an activity that your potential client, boss, or partner enjoys to help build a rapport (and better yet if you both enjoy).

  3. ckhhuff2438 Says:

    golf help

    Golf is life…….anyway girls look soooooooooooo hot in little golf shorts and caps with their hair pulled out the back. Luv the lil socks too. drop me a pic anytime and ill trade with you

  4. imisidro Says:

    golf help

    YES – golf has become an important tool in business nowadays

    It has become a ripe place for

    – opening business doors or closing deals
    – entertaining clients or being entertained
    – offers bonding time with your boss, colleagues in corporate meetings or out of town conferences
    – if you are trying to impress your boss
    – even just to become the golf buddy of your boss can do wonders for your career

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